Let’s get Started!

You pay your driver directly for deliveries, and you decide if you pass on this cost to your end customer or not.

Toma charges you nothing for this service:

  • $0 Set-up Fees
  • $0 Monthly Fees
  • $0 Transaction fees

So how does Toma make money? We charge the driver a monthly subscription fee to use our platform (for rides & deliveries), but the driver keeps ALL the money you pay them. Toma is a socially-conscious platform designed to help drivers make more money.

If you have a product that your customers normally come in to purchase or pick-up, the answer is yes. In today’s world, customers are getting accustomed to delivery of just about everything. We make it easy for you to offer delivery, and it doesn’t have to cost you a penny!

We make deliveries easy for you:

  • Create your Account (2 minutes)
  • Select Driver(s)
  • Set-up your 1st Delivery (you set the price)
  • We take it from there…

We help you at every step of the way, even introducing you to drivers in your area.